• Argon Gas Application

Argon Gas Application

Instead off filling the units with only air we fill it with Argon gas. Argon gas is colorless, scentless and prime gas. It’s not flammable or explosive. It’s doesn’t damage the evironment. And doesn’t react with any subtances. It’s non-toxic and it doesn’t harm the evironment. Argon (Ar) is prime gas and can’t compound with any other substance. Because of this feature you can use it safely on Low-E or comfort coating units.
The Argon gas coefficient is low and helps during the winter to keep the heat inside and makes it difficult for the cold to get inside. During the summer it makes it difficult for the heat to come in. The goal of the Argon gas isolated glass: get the maximum level isolation and reduce the costs for the heat or cooling.You can keep the heat by 25% in the building if you fill normal double glass or isolation glass with Argon glass instead of air. İn those conditions you can reduce by 25% of the heating costs. İn one or two years you can pay off the costs of Argo gas isolated glass.
Normal synergy glass has a K value of 1.3, with Argon gas applied glass it drops to 1.1.

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