• Pleated Fly Screen
  • Blind Fly Screen
  • Sliding Fly Screen
  • Inward Opening Fly Screen
  • Outward Opening Fly Screen
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Pleated Fly Screen

Pleated fly screen are produced to give you comfort and freedom away from flies, nets and other harmfull or harmless creatures.
The Pleated mosquito nets can be easily applied on large dimensions like French doors, glancing doors and other sort of windows and doors.
With different color options and fiberglass of high-quality aluminum profiles you can even use it on the most open spaces.

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Blind Fly Screen

Blind fly screen moves with the help of a wire on a spool which is wrapped in a spring. The fly screen is covered in plastic material against water and sun. The mosquito wire in the left and right edges move inside the aluminum profile. Edges of the wire hold these profiles. On the edges of the wire are plastic buttons which are fitted with source of heat. This helps it to stay in place. After you put the net down you can lock it down if you want.

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Sliding Fly Screen

Sliding fly screen is used for the sliding system of Volkswagen and Hebeschiebe Windows and doors. It’s produced with extremely high quality aluminum materials.

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Inward Opening Fly Screen

Open your window inward without having problems with your jalousie, window shade or fly screen. Ozerpan recommends the inward opening mosquito net as one of the most functional systems.

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Outward Opening Fly Screen

It’s prefered for places without jalousie and window shade. It can be used for Windows and doors.

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