Prestige Profile systems / Made in Germany

Superior German engineering and according to European standards, were produced in Germany.
Prestige profiles consist out 3 mm thickness and a 76 mm width base and has 6 chamber structure. It’s high isolation values meet aesthetic appearance and catch the maximum values in heat and sound in most difficult conditions. The ISO and RAL quality standards prove these features.
Being one of the world’s largest manufacturer and customer satisfaction, which makes the Deceuninck Group an extremely effective solution partnership on issues such as corporate and built the structure in Turkey.

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Expands and enhances the interior by opening the outside World. Wide window surfaces connect the house, terraces, balconies and gardens in a stylish and practical way.
With a progressive design and technique it’s allowing the wings to move in more comfortable. Also it helps the mechanism to work quieter.
All the Prestige and Hebeschiebe series are produced with Özerpan ‘producing quality and assurance.’ All applications and istallations are produced with Özerpan assurance.

     The from Germany imported Prestige series is produced with high standarts. SIEGENIA – AUBI is used in all equiment.

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